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Sarah's Thoughts
Ramblings of a misfit
Shout out to Victoria friends! I was thinking of seeing the new Harry Potter movie later this week or next week, but I'll see how everyone's schedules and stuff are. I have July 10,11,12,14th off and 19,20,21 off. The rest of the month I have the 24th,25th,26th,28th off. Please let me know here what's happening with you. Thanks.

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To Victoria friends,

I am free the week after this one, except for the 21st. I was asked to work on my birthday. Tues and Thursday works for me. Hopefully people's schedules will jive so we can hang soon. I am working this week until friday, in case friends feel like hanging out for some reason.

Addendum: Sorry, forgot to mention that I work on Wednesday on the week after this one

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Thought I'd post and say that the bbq at the cabin is fine. My dad said for people to get the 3 p.m. bus to Sidney though. He is going to visit my aunt in Victoria for a while. He is leaving at noon. My dad is driving the van so everyone should fit in it when he gets back. Akili and Micah coming for sure? Let me know. I'll see if I can put together something to eat for the bbq as well. After my interview of course. I hope it works out o.o Anyway, I have the job in Duncan so at least I still have that. Have a great day everyone. The weather is beautiful :D

Addendum: I got the job!!! I am so happy. It will be great experience to see how another hospital is.

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For Lita and Sara,

7:00 p.m. show at Silvercity!
See you after work there Sara. Let me know what's up Lita. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Let me know what's up and if you want to meet up a bit before then. See ya tomorrow. I'll check this in the morning.

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Just thought I'd see if friends were able to hang out tomorrow (tuesday). I am free that day ^^. Oh and Sara, I am not working on your birthday actually o.o. I was also wondering when you and Lita wanted to celebrate your birthdays and whatnot. I am working the 20th of June until the end of the month. I am free for a bit on the actual day of both your birthdays.

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